Job Tracker Plus: Your Career Control Center
Keeping track of job applications can become overwhelming for job seekers. Many candidates struggle to maintain an organised record of the jobs they've applied to, leading to confusion, missed opportunities, and frustration.
Why use Job Tracker Plus?
Effortless Tracking
Easily log each job application, including application deadlines, interview dates, company details, and application status, in one place.
Application Reminders
Receive timely reminders for upcoming application deadlines and interviews, helping you stay on top of your job search game.
Step-by-Step Guidance
Our platform provides step-by-step guidance on what to do next for each job application. We'll help you understand what it takes to crack that job and offer actionable insights.
Frequenty Asked Questions
Why do I need Aglint Job Tracker for my job search process?
How does Aglint Job Tracker guide me in my job search?
Can Aglint Job Tracker help me with organising my job applications efficiently?
How does Aglint Job Tracker help me stay on top of my application deadlines and interviews?
Is Aglint Job Tracker suitable for job seekers at various career stages?
Discover Aglint's Suite of Smart Career Tools
Unlock a world of opportunity with Aglint's suite of smart career tools. From interview mastery and AI-powered cover letters to precision job matching and job tracking, we've got you covered.
Job Tracker
The indispensable tool for maintaining a well-organised job search process.
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