Ushering in a new era of recruiting
Team Aglint is on a mission to help companies around the world find and select the best talent.
Aglint users complete the recruitment process 3X faster on average.
clients have found exceptional candidates through Candidate Spotlight.
Cut your recruitment time by over 300 hours using Aglint's AI screening.
Our Mission
Transforming recruitment with technology, one perfect match at a time.
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Core Values
We're committed to innovation, pushing boundaries to create better solutions to save time and money.
We prioritize trust through transparency, ethics, and delivering on our promises in our user relationships.
We are committed to fostering a growth mindset that sees challenges as opportunities.
We're committed to innovation, pushing boundaries to create better solutions to level the playing field.
Speed & Urgency
We recognize the urgency of finding top talent and strive to simplify and speed processes.
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World-class team
Imagine working in a place where everything matters. Most importantly, you.
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Being a part of Aglint is more than a job; it's a passion. The shared commitment to our mission and the world-class talent make it a dream workplace.
Dileep B C
Software Engineer
The team spirit at Aglint is unmatched. We tackle challenges together, celebrate successes, and continuously inspire one another to achieve greatness.
Niraj Modi
Business Analyst, Aglint Inc
I've grown both personally and professionally since joining Aglint. The mentorship, resources, and collaborative spirit have been invaluable.
Dheeraj Shah
Software Engineer
In their own words..
The AI-powered interview module with AI Resume ATS and job search was a game-changer. It was a great way to evaluate candidates without the usual stress. I found it to be a fantastic tool for recruitment and candidate assessment.
Ananya Gupta
Recruitment Specialist
The AI format made it feel like a real conversation, making it easier for me to express myself confidently. The inclusion of AI Resume ATS and job search features was a brilliant addition.
Arjun Verma
HR Manager
I liked the process and orating and typing the answers was a great experience. The timer on top of the page helped keep me on track. Thank you for this innovative approach!
UX Designer
As a professional, I can't praise the interview module enough. It provided ample time to prepare and present my expertise.
Vikas Patel
Financial Analyst
Seriously, I didn't feel any kind of anxiety or nervousness, which usually happens with a real person. I loved this approach.
Emily Wilson
Web Developer
My first AI interview experience was refreshingly different from the traditional ones. I appreciated the unique interview process, which presented challenging questions in a thought-provoking way.
Olivia Smith
Financial Advisor
truly appreciated the thoughtful design of this AI-powered interview, as well as the integrated AI Resume builder and job search features.
Prem Sharma
Product Manager
It was different from traditional interviews and allowed me to think and respond without the usual pressure. Highly recommended.
Nisha Jain
Graphic Designer
I have used an Aglint interview module, and I must say, it was an exceptional experience. The AI-driven format allowed me to showcase my skills comfortably.
Rajesh Kumar
Software Developer
The interview was good as it gave me time to think and answer without any fear. I would like to thank the team!
Software Engineer
I felt at ease throughout the process, and the questions were well-crafted. Kudos to the team!
Rahul Singh
Data Analyst
This interview process ranks among the most amazing and interactive experiences I've had.
Ethan Clark
Sales Manager
Solutions for Employers
Aglint's will simplify complex talent acquisition processes. The result? You hire great employees.
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Solutions for Candidates
Explore our suite of powerful tools designed to make your job search efficient, effective, and ultimately successful.
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